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The Enchanted Castle's Privacy Policy
The Enchanted Castle values the privacy of its customers. We collect and maintain an email membership in an effort to improve our ability to communicate with our customers regarding new products, services, orders, and promotions. We do not sell or provide the information you provide with third parties.

If you have previously registered and would like to change your member information, please click here to send us an email. Please include your name and email address along with the new information.

Our policy describes what information we collect and why we collect it. If you have any questions regarding the privacy of your personal information with The Enchanted Castle, feel free to contact us: 1) Phone us at 402-390-5088; 2) send us an email; or 3) write us at: PO Box 12385, Omaha, NE 68112.

The Enchanted Castle collects user information, including your name, email and postal address, and telephone number, when you order online from theenchantedcastle.com.

When you order online from theenchantedcastle.com, we record your information to allow us to contact you regarding the status of your orders. We send confirmation emails regarding your order. In the event that we are unable to contact you, or need to speak with you, we may contact you via telephone regarding your order.

Theenchantedcastle.com uses cookies to track your order. A cookie is a file stored on your computer's hard drive. It contains information used to identify your computer to our server and allow us to track and process your orders from theenchantedcastle.com. No personal information is stored in any theenchantedcastle.com cookie. If you turn off cookies in your browser, you may still browse the theenchantedcastle.com site, but you will be unable to order from the theenchantedcastle.com site. You may still place an order by contacting us via telephone at 402-390-5088.

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